Quality market information and insight is the lifeblood of any organisation.   Missed opportunities and decisions based on inaccurate, out-of -date and unvalidated information can have a devastating effect on any business.  The Global Light Rail Portal gives you all the market intelligence you need   - All in one place. 

Rail Intel is a unique eco-system providing information, insight and intelligence that facilitates global Light Rail market decisions.  
Using the Global Light Rail portal can help you to: 
Avoid costly mistakes based on poor intelligence 
Save time and resources by having all the information in one place 
Save money through taking control of your own information needs 
Access timely, up-to -date and validated market intelligence 
Never miss another opportunity with crucial updates at your fingertips 24/7 

Whether you are already established in the LRT sector or are looking to break into this fast-growing market, we provide the tools that you need to succeed. 

The Global Light Rail Portal gives you all the information that you need - All in one place 
Every country, every system – so you can readily understand the size of the market. 
Detailed information so you can easily identify potential opportunity and where to engage. 
Constantly updated with new and information so you don’t miss an opportunity. 
Planned systems, under construction and those which are fully operational so you can readily identify which systems to target. 
Subscription options so you get the right level of information that you need. 
Access to the industry leading publication 'Tramways & Urban Transit'  

Unlock your Light Rail potential with Rail Intel...  Using our simple navigation system, you can access the locations of every Light Rail, Metro and Subway station across the globe. 

Over 750 systems, details of 7,500 lines and 40,000 stations, you can easily navigate where you want to place your focus - all over the globe 
Every line and station has been plotted to provide an easy selection of the system you want to examine. 
System overview, ownership, size, operation, infrastructure and fleet information right at your fingertips... 
All of the news, updates and information releases for that system over the last three years 

Want to know more about our light rail eco-system?  Why not explore our frequently asked questions below... 

How can the Global Light Rail Portal help my business to grow in the Light Rail sector? 

Whether you are looking to enter the market, grow into new markets, assess your current market share for size and opportunities or if you want to more accurately forecast and focus your activities, its is all here waiting for you... 
No more searching to locate information that may be incorrect or out of date, our intelligence is regularly updated to allow you to forecast, review and interrogate - whatever your objectives. 

How up to date is your information? 

Our market intelligence is constantly updated so it is always relevant, pertinent and never out of date. 
With over 80 years of working within the Light Rail world, our close connections with key industry decision-makers as well as access to all the latest news and developments across the global Light Rail sector means that we are always on top of the latest news and developments. 

Can I request extra information? 

Of course. We understand that each business wants some specific information for themselves - even beyond the extensive information on the Global Light Rail Portal.  
We provide a range of bespoke information services so please feel free to discuss and take advantage of our one-to-one demonstration of the portal in action. 
Our experts will be able to discuss your business objectives and requirements so we can ensure Your Portal delivers to your needs. 

Can I integrate my own information with that which is already on the Portal? 

Possibly. It depends what system you run... 
The Portal will always provide you with the optimal information that you and your company require to make the best-informed decisions across the sector. What that information looks like may vary from client to client. 
Why not discuss your needs, wishes and requirements with us during your initial demonstration? Or simply contact our friendly team to further explore the options available to you... 

How can I access the full version of the Global Light Rail Portal? 

That is easy. Simply get in touch with our friendly team who will arrange for you to have a full and guided demonstration of the system, its data points and functionality. 
If you would rather explore on your own, this is possible by registering for one of our subscription options.  
Simply fill in the simple form, add your details, choose a password and subscription level and you will be able to explore the portal for yourself. 

What sort of information is included? 

The Portal contains all the information that you need at your fingertips. 
Maps of every Light Rail, Metro and Subway station worldwide 
Every line and every stop is plotted and named 
Size, ridership, length, key contacts 
System status - from existing to proposed 
Owner and operator information 
Contractors and their services 
Infrastructure information - tracks, depots, gauge etc 
Vehicle fleet information 
Latest news and intelligence for that system including tenders 
Chance to include bespoke information depending on subscription 

THE GLOBAL LIGHT RAIL PORTAL Get in touch with us... 

We know light rail. We have been working in the LRT sector for over 80 years and have built up a reputation as a company which knows the answers.  
Why not get in touch with your questions and see what we can do to help you access the market intelligence you need... 
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